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i'm just this guy, you know?

i'm kind of addicted to this site, i used to sit on efnet #linux for hours troubleshooting people's problems, now i earn points and badges and crap for it...

it's a lot of fun...

if i answer a question incompletely, or i miss part of the question, please hold back on a downvote, let me know i'm wrong, i will retract my answer or add to it, as the case may be.

i don't downvote people for incorrect answers, i let the positive votes speak.

i will downvote you if you make an out of line comment or answer though, and i will upvote you if i learn anything from your answer, or i just think it is a good answer.

same goes for questions, i can't vote up all the questions i answer, because some of them are just... lazy. sorry, but if i can find an answer with google in 5 seconds, so should you.

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