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I love to program, tinker with things and generally a curious person. My career started with developing DOS TSRs in x86 Assembler. My daily work includes programming in Delphi (Windows), Ruby on Rails (Linux) and Java (Android).

My company Hagel Technologies makes network bandwidth monitor DU Meter and other software. I sometimes write in my blog.

comment AIX list size of files in a Volume Group
pvdisplay and friends are LVM commands, and AIX is not Linux. I think this question should be migrated to serverfault.
comment What happens to active calls when a COM+ application is shut down?
You asked initially about processes, now about threads. These are two very different things. I think stackoverflow might be a better fit for your question than serverfault.
comment run a script on remote server
I updated my answer with the solution to this. Yes, this is because of -t -t option.
comment Is there difference if you are running 32bit Linux on low end VPS instead of 64bit in memory consumption?
Most hardware nowdays is 64-bit capable. So decision to run 32-bit or 64-bit OS is really arbitrary. You can also have a "mix", e.g. 64-bit kernel with basic support libraries, and everything else is 32-bit.