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comment How do I encrypt large (20Gb+) compressed files from a backup?
The cheap and easy approach would be to make the backup go through aespipe. And of course compress first, encrypt later.
comment How secure is SSH ForceCommand on a jump host?
Where are you going to store the .bashrc with commands you want it to run then?
comment Samsung 840 Pro SSDs in a Dell R720
Yes, this is first hand experience in 2011-2012 era. The support process consists of them asking questions until they find something that voids the warranty, and then they 'cannot help you.' I don't know about supporting everything else, as everything else was fine and didn't need any servicing. Long story short, they're useless until you give into their hardware pricing. Not all projects can afford their 300-500% premium over retail equivalent of their disks.
comment Samsung 840 Pro SSDs in a Dell R720
If you put non-Dell drives in Dell server, they will refuse any support on that server. They're basically forcing you to buy their expensive drives. A$$holes.
comment Allow SCP but not actual login using SSH
ForceCommand internal-sftp -u 0077 -d /uploaddir can farther harden it, by forcing a umask on an upload directory. In conjunction with 'ChrootDirectory` it creates a very controlled, isolated upload environment. Bonus note: the default dir and the umask must be set in the ForceCommand, not in the Subsystem directive, if you want them to work.
comment What is the maximum length of a wifi access point's SSID?
The question was about length, and length is irrelevant. The fact that it's not a default, especially in WPA where SSID is used as a salt, it needs to be as random as possible, so in that sense, changing it to something non-default is a good thing.
comment Best way to go about changing a root password on 3000+ Solaris, AIX, and Linux servers?
Please do not put cleartext passwords on commandline, as it gets logged in shell history. Or set the shell history to /dev/null before you do it.
comment Very slow write performance on Debian 6.0 (AMD64) with DMCRYPT/LVM/RAID1
How does the write performance change when you mount it without sync?
comment Linux Experts Riddle: Network output of 10MB/s on 10GB/s NIC
When copying files over network pipes, turn off compression, copy a file from a ramdisk to another ramdisk, or something simpler, like stream reading /dev/zero, xfering it, and then dumping it out to /dev/null. When dd'ing, remember to play with block sizes and flags on BOTH sides (especially flags might not be symmetric!). When playing with qperf/iperf/netperf, make sure you're controlling window sizes and TCP congestion algorithms. Watch switch statistics. If not meaningful, connect two boxes directly, see if it changes anything. Install new drivers, especially Intel, both Win and LNX.
comment Is there a tool that can take partition table information and partition another based on it?
parted should do it. it can print out partitions in any unit you want, and then more invocations of parted would recreate it step by step.
comment Putting /etc under source control
etckeeper is awesome. Two gotchas tho: for backup, you end up pushing the repo somewhere remote. Please use key-based SSH for that, so it gets done securely. Also, what you store in /etc can be sensitive (think /etc/shadow or any private keys) so make sure that whereever you push the repo to does not have a 'public' webpage, or is being served out through any other unauthenticated means.
comment Linux software RAID that uses system RAM for write cache
Is it per data disk, or disks total? Since it's RAID5, you got N disks in array, but N-1 of data.
comment ksoftirqd hitting 100% on interface with ixgbe driver
Have you tried the newest drivers from Intel's site? I find them to solve a lot of problems, the drivers that come with distros tend to lag behind quite a bit, which causes issues with newer hardware.
comment How to copy a large LVM volume (14TB) from one server to another?
How does a tar pipe handle open/changing files, in comparison to let's say rsync? 14TB move is obviously not going to be an atomic operation ;)
comment Improving TCP performance over a network with small packet loss
I've had good results with hybla, give that a try.
comment How do I parse a log file for one hour with a simple shell script?
Rotate your logs hourly, run analysis on the individual log, which happen to be hour long.
comment Resize base XenServer 6.0 partition
I figured it wasn't that important, since you're screwing with partitions on it ;) in that case, if you have enough space you can yum install gcc and compile gdisk or parted in Dom0.
comment Grepping through the results of apachectl -S
What you pipe to grep is stdout, are you sure that apachectl -S is dumping to stdout, or stderr? Redirect stderr to stdout, grep on that.
comment Anything Close to an NSA Guide for Securing RHEL 6
I don't think RHEL6 have been approved for anything gov/mil operations yet, so no STIGs or SNACs have been released.
comment Faster MySQL DB pull from remote machine into local machine
Good point on using ssh's internal ability to gzip. However, in the modern times, it's advisable to use things like pbzip2, as it can take advantage of (sometimes significant) number of cores. The traditional bzip2 is rather slow, but pbzip2 on a modern box will amaze you.