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Co-founder of Lumpy Lemon, a small & friendly WordPress design & development company specialising in custom-built WordPress CMS sites. Based in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park in south-west England, working with clients all over the world, mainly, but not exclusively, not-for-profit organisations.

I'm 'lumpysimon' on wordpress.org, Twitter and GitHub.

comment .htaccess rewrite rule, extract number to query variable
@AD7six - it was giving me a 404 error. I've figured it out for myself, see answer below.
comment .htaccess rewrite rule, extract number to query variable
That page is useful, but I haven't worked out an answer to my specific question from it.
comment How to protect against loss of server on a budget
This is a great answer. I have a very similar set-up and type of clients to @artfulrobot (we even use the same hosting company), and his question and your answer have made me realise that it is my responsibility to communicate to my clients the limitations and risks, in very plain English, to make sure they have realistic expectations. Most of them are very non-teccie, so there's a very real likelihood they think everything will just somehow magically work, non-stop and ad infinitum. I don't want to be managing their expectations during/after a major failure, I need to do it before!
comment exim filter for unseen delivery to multiple addresses
separate lines and surrounding with <> worked! (if you put your comment as an answer i'll mark it as accepted answer)
comment Configuring htaccess/mod_rewrite to serve static files with question mark in the URL
Apache is configured pretty much out of the box excerpt for performance changes. But as i've got multiple sites on the server i can't change it server-wide, so I'd be looking to do something via htaccess.