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comment How do I get transparent, efficient, file system snapshotting or versioning on ext3/4?
There's one caveat with using something git based, modifications in git aren't treated as deltas from the origin - every commit is the full file even if you just change one byte.
comment Apache 2.2 CGI timeout configuration
@JamieLove: A scant 3+ years later.. I ran into the same thing. The problem was that even though I didn't specify it, apache was using mod_cgid, not mod_cgi.. mod_cgid in 2.2.x doesn't seem to honor the timeout. While I suspect that you've probably resolved your problem by this point.. I leave this feedback for the next guy who has this same issue. :p
comment How would you send syslog *securely* over the public Internet?
For what it's worth, syslog-ng 3.x supports TLS natively, so, no need to use stunnel anymore.
answered apache2 is not running but it listens at port 80