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comment Want to find cause of recurring failed SQL Server 2005 login attempts
qrdsvc.exe is related to replication. Have you checked the servers and privileges involved in your replication process, or disabled replication to see if the error goes away?
comment Monitor someone on server
Agreed, good point
comment MS 2008 R2 Drops Remote Desktop Sessions in 10 seconds or less every time
I've had the same result from XP SP3, Vista (an older version of remote desktop and recently upgraded to the newest version available), and also from another server that is 64-bit and running windows 2008 Storage OS. Everything is from inside a 1-domain lan. The firewall is disabled on the server and the vista machine. Another odd thing. Sometimes I can login every time I try, other times I get the can't connect error. I need to check anti-virus on the server but I don't remember seeing that. Anti-virus is not running on the other machines.