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Developer - I like to build things and see them work. Gimme a good book or a game and I can keep myself out of trouble. Got hooked on Agile 2-3 years ago.. trying to get to the promised land since. Work with C Based languages. Play with Ruby.

comment Subversion error: (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to MKCOL
Great catch - I was just about to unleash the fury of the impatient programmer on my machine. :) You either need to recheckout the folder with https: (or if you're sneaky clear out the folder except for the .svn, then modify the contents of .svn/entries which has the url from http => https. Now the commit screen would show the https URL.)
comment Why is my functional DVD Drive unable to read current DVDs?
I would except for the fact, that all the older DVDs/CDs work just fine on my drive... It's like the newer ones use some recording mechanism that the drive can't read.