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I am a software developer. I am particularly fond of the areas:

  • artificial intelligence, computer vision & machine learning
  • high end graphics & image processing
  • games

As this profile is now posted across multiple sites:

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as a Mormon.
I am also a mathematician.
I quite like interesting games and enjoy playing them with those of my many wonderful children who are old enough. We will often edit what we might find to be sleazy in a game without altering the game play, which quite widens the range of games we can play while staying within what we consider to be gospel standards.

comment How to stop people from using my domain to send spam?
Really? You're the one sending all those death threats?!? :)
comment Web Host Recommendations
A nice looking website whose sole purpose is to rate web hosts and gives a nice top 10 list is, sadly, a lot like Ed McMahon promising you $1,000,000 if you just order magazines from publishers clearinghouse. It exists to make money from webhosts who pay money to get high ratings. Sadly, I really do know this. Happily, it isn't because I have ever personally had anything to do with such a scheme. Sadly, I a friend of mine has.
comment OpenVPN to connect remote networks, peer to peer instead of client/server possible?
One is a cisco router which does include a VPN, the other is an actiontec "came with the internet service" dsl-modem/router. I have no idea how would would get a firmware for the actiontec that included OpenVPN. How is that possible?
comment Windows boot up process explorer like logging?
Sounded like a great idea, but of the 17 minutes the machine is taking too boot to a useable state, only the final two minutes are captured by the boot logging in processor monitor. The machine at one point in the past booted in 5 minutes so that last two isn't where the problem is.
comment Understanding Security Certificates (and thier pricing)
What does EC stand for?
comment Where would I go to learn to make a really, really secure system that DOES expose external services (out of a standard Windows or Linux OS)
No its not a worthless term. It means something that would be safe against a very powerful, very determined adversary (like a rival country). Its just a shorter way of saying it.
comment Where would I go to learn to make a really, really secure system that DOES expose external services (out of a standard Windows or Linux OS)
I'm pretty sure Milatary Grade does does include exposing services. There are NSA offices all over the country and they have got to move a lot of data around somehow. I suppose I am assuming the only true "secured line" is a physical line with no external connections. Anything else and there must be software on both ends of that line that attempt to discern whether incoming data is authorized and thus it is exposing a "service".