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comment How does my jre exceed its heap limits?
I thought setting limits on heap, stack, and permgen would hit all the places the jre could stash memory, but there must be some other pools it can grow. Thanks for the ulimit idea that's a good one.
comment How do I authorize connections to non-VPC EC2 instances from the instances in a VPC via the igw-xxxx Internet Gateway?
Really, there's no way to route entirely with spaces (recognizing that the VPC and ec2's own 10.* spaces are separate, of course, but I'd think an IGW could have a 10.* IP in each). We've found that within ec2 going through a public/elastic IP is 2 to 4 times slower on data xfer and I was hoping ec2<->vpc could avoid that. Can it not?
comment Where is apc.php?
This doesn't work for Ubuntu where apc.php comes gzipped. though find / -name 'apc.php*' would have.
comment Mysql: create index on 1.4 billion records
These posts are pretty much directly disagreeing with you: and better… It sounds like that's not a global value, it's per-query, so that's 4GB per query you're recommending. Also, when it exceeds 256K it gets mem-mapped to disk rather than being actual in-memory memory. If you keep it small it requires multiple passes, but it avoids disk (it doesn't swap).