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My home data center has far too much enterprise hardware -- especially if you count the ZyXEL GigE switch, which I unfortunately can't recommend for actual enterprises, even if it was 24 ports, fully managed, for $500. At work, I've pretty much done everything—mostly Linux and storage; but also Windows, routers/switches, firewalls, Solaris, telephones... still no professional experience with VMS, but maybe that's a good thing.

Products of choice: OpenBSD, Debian, OS X, Solaris 101, Fedora.

Certifications: RHCE, GSEC, GCIA.

Twitter: @bsa

1 At least until Ellis Billington killed it, anyhow.

comment Is it legal to create an RPM which only runs %post scripts to modify a file owned by another RPM?
The .repo file is marked as a configuration file by the packager; you can verify this with rpm -qc centos-release. If the file is edited, an updated package will save the new version as (filename).repo.rpmnew and will not overwrite your changes.
comment Multiple Subnets on home network… would this work?
Well, you can have multiple subnets on the same physical network, but you don't really want to.
comment Should I learn more about Ubuntu or Redhat , depending upon market needs
Linux is for people who hate Microsoft, and BSD is for people who love Unix. Or so they say.
comment Is anyone using GPS for time sync?
$3000 is about the cost of Windows 2008 Server Enterprise with 25 CALs, RHEL AP for one server with 24/7 support, or (fully loaded) a $100k/year employee for four days. If you require accurate time in a non-Internet-connected network, and your PHBs won't give Symmetricom what they're asking, please try to avoid slicing a wrist open on their pointy hair -- it's quite sharp.
comment How can you prevent root password change on linux?
Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
comment Hard drive fail - How to regain confidence on the drive or make some use of it
Just as long as you know there's nothing particularly sensitive on the drive.
comment What are the arguments for and against a network policy where the sys admin knows users passwords?
This is where password complexity policy comes in, I think. (That, and running L0phtcrack on a regular basis.)