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I'm a Software Development major at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, US. I'm also an intern consultant/code monkey/admin at a local company.

Coding is my passion; playing with network gear and operating systems are my hobbies. Currently I'm running a BSD router, a Slackware samba/subversion server, and a Fedora iSCSI RAID box on the server side. On the desktop side I'm rocking a Windows XP box, a liquid cooled (shiny!) Fedora box, and a PPC Power Mac G3.

I primarily code in Java (see previous paragraph for explanation), but I also love C++, mostly tolerate C, hack ugly batch and BASH scripts, enjoy PERL, dabble in SPARC ASM, and openly admit that ADA-95 is my favorite guilty pleasure language while begrudgingly acknowledging that LISP is kinda' cool in spite of itself. I also participate in a few open source communities wearing various hats.