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I've been developing software of all shapes and sizes using Microsoft technologies for over 20 years now.

The wonder of our profession is that we continue to learn something new every day, and that to teach IS to learn.

Current obsession : Having a chuckle at local South African culture (or lack thereof)

comment SQL Server 2012 - where is Management Studio?
Denali comes with "SQL Server Data Tools" (SSDT). It looks like Visual Studio
comment Why is our IIS 6 server logging post data
Are you sure it isn't POSTING to the URL with QueryString company=XXX&contact=XXX etc? And not logging the actual POST data?
comment How to manage more than 1000000 rows in a table in SQL Server 2005
10k records per day isn't very high load. As long as your database is indexed and partitioned properly, and your queries are profiled and optimal, you should be able to handle many year's worth of data.