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comment Is post-sudden-power-loss filesystem corruption on an SSD drive's ext3 partition “expected behavior”?
+1 this answer probably could be improved, as any other answer in any QA. But at least provides some light and hints. @downvoters: improve the answer yourselves, or comment on possible flows, but downvoting this answer without proper justification is just disgusting!
comment How to store data on a machine whose power gets cut at random
@MarwanAlsabbagh How can software requirements help against power cuts? If I interrupt the renaming operation by means of cutting the power, the writing of the corresponding file entry in the file system will be corrupt. I cannot see how could a software layer avoid that. Do you have any implementations details?
comment In Linux, why isn't superuser root's folder under /home?
@SvenW Thanks. I see. So it's a combination of history and convenience, but not a must. I would upvote if you could name one or more examples of what an admin would store in /root nowadays... (Perhaps I have to review my habits!)
comment In Linux, why isn't superuser root's folder under /home?
Uhmmm, I don't buy it: If things go wrong, I don't care about my root profile. I can live with standard config just during recovery. Furthermore, I also think @BartvanHeukelom has a point. Am I missing something? I'm not a linux expert, but I have checked three of my boxes (Gentoo, Debian, SLES), and all three have only profile stuff in /root.