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I've grown up with computers around me my whole life. I started programming when I was a kid, and stuck with it ever since. I came across Linux around 1999 and have enjoyed working with it ever since.

For a job, I get to write software that runs on embedded Linux devices. I do everything from working on low-level drivers to writing shell scripts and even web apps.

comment Can Docker help me install Oracle 11g database on Ubuntu?
Did you not have a problem with the installer complaining about swap space?
comment NETKEY IPsec and ARP
@3molo It's a perfectly fine idea if you understand your network and how it will be used. Those aren't the real addresses anyway; they were only for illustrating my situation.
comment NETKEY IPsec and ARP
The problem is that the IPsec server is assigned several addresses that are a part of the subnet that the server is on. For instance, the IPsec server may have through, and there are other hosts on my network that own other addresses - including my gateway. When any of hosts want to talk to e.g., they have to know how to build the ethernet frame, so they send an arp request to find out who owns it. If my server doesn't speak up, it can't build the ethernet frame.
comment Change DHCP discover frequecy on CISCO?
Changing the lease time would change the frequency that it has to renew its address, but not the frequency with which it tries to discover an address. I'm using a backup connection that give a DHCP address, and when the router first switches on the backup connection, it also sends a DHCP discover, but the other side isn't ready for it yet - about a second later, the other side has DHCP up and running, but then the CISCO router takes quite a while to send another discover message.