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I'm the CEO and co-founder of BoldBrick, an ISV focused on document and content management products for SharePoint.

For a few past years I've been working in .NET / C#. During my career I worked on projects like online banking systems, compilers, database engines, or software frameworks.

Email: tucny(at)boldbrick(dot)com

comment How to select shell language with a MUI Office 2010 install using OCT file
Thanks, I will try that as soon as I will be doing any installs.
comment How to enable connection security for WMI firewall rules when using VAMT 2.0?
That's what I considered as an alternative. I don't have a clue how connection security settings work in Windows Firewall so that's why I'm asking how to secure the connection at the first place :-)
comment “Brute force attempt” on sending multiple emails
This is rather a system administration question regarding anti-spamming policies of your hosting provider and not a programming question.
comment What are pros and cons of keeping a local administrator account in Windows 7 workstations in a domain?
Having a unique password for each machine is generally a good idea; however, it's a security/complexity tradeoff. I'm speaking about ~10 machines. Also, I'd recommend using a password manager like KeePass. My primary concern rather is whether I'd ever need a local admin account once the machine is in a domain -- whether this is a frequently used measure or not.
comment Active Directory; list of users previous passwords?
So what are you really asking about?
comment Interconnecting two locations with CISCO ASA 5505, providing VPN access as well as and public access
Guys thanks for clarifying the last issue. I already purchased two boxes and going to test it in a lab.
comment Interconnecting two locations with CISCO ASA 5505, providing VPN access as well as and public access
Jake, thanks for the answers so far. My biggest remaining concern is about practical use of certificate-based authentication for VPNs. We were recommended the network configuration described in my question but without any in-depth technical info.
comment Unrevoke a certificate which was revoked with a status different from Certificate Hold
Well it's not necessarily a matter of compromising a certificate. In my case an employee left the company, his certificate has been revoked with the reason code “Affiliation Change”. Later on, it was discovered we needed to give him access to a certain system. Hence I wanted to unrevoke the certificate… and it can't be done.