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comment Is it possible to add permissions to an Active Directory account using PowerShell?
Thanks, I'm marking this as the right answer because the link you provided is the closest to a pure PowerShell solution. I had stumbled upon it too, but thought that maybe there was something easier. Thanks again!
comment Is it possible to add permissions to an Active Directory account using PowerShell?
@Tim, the "create the PowerShell script" bit is the one I'm having problems with :-) I haven't found any cmdlet that lets you add those permissions to an account. Does it exist?
comment Saltstack: is it possible to forbid certain commands when using
Not really. But the only answer is probably right, so I'll mark the question as answered.
comment iptables on Linux router does not forward DHCP between two LANs
I agree with @richardb. The only way to do what you're after is using a DHCP relay (isc-dhcp-relay in Ubuntu and Debian).
comment High throughput meshed VPN to connect datacenter hosts
@syneticon-dj, would you care to elaborate on this? Do you mean you can route several networks through an IPSec link without the need for several SA configurations, as now stands with Openswan?
comment Open Stack, attempting to launch instance: libvirtError: unsupported configuration: CPU specification not supported by hypervisor
I don't know anything about OpenStack, so I could be completely wrong, but just in case: are you sure that you can run OpenStack's hypervisor on AWS instances? I understand that you can create the "ecosystem" that OpenStack needs (the support servers), but creating virtual machines on the top of another virtual machine seems a bit far-fetched. Though I'd love to be corrected.
comment Linux- Permission denied?
If this is Ubuntu, please remember that it uses upstart, not "common" init or dependency-based boot, as Debian does. There's a reason the insserv package doesn't bundle /sbin/insserv in Ubuntu, while it does in Debian. Your best bet would be to add a upstart configuration file in /etc/init for the neo4j service, instead of trying to use a script in init.d. I know this is not the answer to your question, but I hope to address the real problem instead :-)
comment Alternatives to amavis for RAM-bound server
But this still uses SpamAssassin, which is really what I want to get rid of. Anyway, I didn't know about postprox. Will look into it, thanks for the pointer :-)
comment Best practices for IPv4/IPv6 hosts in DNS zones?
Thanks, that clears it up.
comment Alternatives to amavis for RAM-bound server
Thanks, that's similar to what I have now (only one amavisd child), but those are 30MB that I still want to reclaim :-) I have little mail, so efficiency is not a problem. Anyway, I didn't know about postscreen; I'll have a look to see if I can do something with it. Thanks!
comment How to de-duplicate data for OpenVZ/LXC on Linux?
YMMV, I guess. I've been using it at home and at my computer at work for months without a hitch. Also it's the file system I use by default in every VM I create for testing. But then, the keywords "home" and "testing" will not be much reassuring :-)