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Experienced software engineer, passionate about OO patterns, tidy modular code, understanding the various tensions and contradictions that are involved in navigating life as a developer, and delivering superior quality results.

Most of my current professional development is currently involves Java and Rails. Previously I was working mostly in C# and still think it's a great language.

comment Edit .NET 4.0 Machine Key settings at a computer wide level in IIS 7.0
Hmm, looking at this again it doesn't really answer the question - the question wasn't modifying web.config in virtual directories, it was modifying the machine level config.
comment Does hosting multiple sites on one server hurt your SEO?
Indeed, or shared hosting would be a terrible terrible thing.
comment Where's my ASP.NET 4.0
You may potentially also want this hotfix: support.microsoft.com/kb/958854. See also my question serverfault.com/questions/185623/…