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comment Is it possible to detect that a database connection is to a copy rather than to the original database?
I can see the rationale behind it. It's not a matter of trusting DBA's. Say you sell a product that makes use of a database. It is important to you (for, say, warranty purposes) to know that the database you installed the product with, is the very same database that is being used once the client calls your customer support line. Might sound a bit strange, but still plausible.
comment Dealing with HTTP w00tw00t attacks
@SaifBechan, I disagree. w00tw00t is a vulnerability scanner, and a machine that's issuing such requests can't be trusted with attempting other types of requests, so if I'm a system administrator and it takes me 2 minutes to ban such clients for days at a time, I'd do so. I wouldn't base my entire security implementation on such an approach, though.