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I develop custom software solutions for a living. Most of these are web-based using Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET. For work I also maintain some wordpress websites when needed.

In my spare time, I play World of Warcraft, develop my own website, and socialize with friends whenever we get a coinciding gap in our schedules to meet up for drinks.

I never used to like the idea of developing in PHP and considered ASP.NET to be far superior, but since I've been working with PHP on my own website, I've found some things to be far simpler.

I am proficient in:

  • Visual Basic.NET (Web and workstation apps)
  • PHP
  • Javascript & JQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server (more its use than admin)
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • HTML (learning HTML5)
  • Mysql

Although I'm still learning something new in each of these every day, I do enjoy sharing my knowledge where I can which is why I frequently lurk the unanswered questions on SO looking for ones I can answer.
My website is intended to be a custom made blogging system on which I'll share tutorials, and code samples to help other self-taught developers to learn.

comment What is HTTP/1.1 0?
I entered temailer.co.za in the address bar which generated the GET request that you pasted... If I understand correctly. Oddly enough, rebooting my pc seemed to fix the problem...
comment IIS 7 slow to do anything
Unfortunately, no joy. Even with IIS added to my AV's exceptions list, the problem persists.
comment IIS 7 slow to do anything
seems it was my AV blocking IIS somehow. Haven't had any problems since yesterday when I created an exception in my AV for it. Wouldn't have been able to find out if I hadn't seen Avast mentioned on the IIS process in the sysinternals so thanks
comment IIS 7 slow to do anything
Based on what I saw there, it seemed likely to me that my AV is killing IIS for some reason, so I've added IIS to my AV's exceptions list and we'll see how that goes