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comment Using API to get info about VMWare datastore
One thing to keep in mind is that the Perl VMware SDK is not redistributable. See Redistribution Information. So if you intend to ship your code to others, they'll have to install the Perl VMware SDK themselves. The Java SDK has no such limitation (see same link).
comment How do I restore (xterm|gnome-terminal) wrapping after telnet to HP equipment has messed it up?
Thanks. I tried all 4 of these, but they didn't work for me. You write "may work", and "as a last resort try"... Did any of these actually work for you? Which ones?
comment How does Ubuntu keep track of the “System restart required” flag in motd?
Note: for debian systems, /var/run/reboot-required does not get created unless the update-notifier-common package is installed.
comment How do I get ubuntu to reconfigure /etc/network/interfaces for me?
I'm +1-ing this question because we need non-linux people to be able to configure networks for our appliance. Something e.g. curses based that makes it easy is what I'm looking for...
comment Why doesn't pppd over ssh work here? Why can't I kill pppd?
@Ingacio: Nardol: Quick and Dirty VPN with pppd and ssh - an alternative to an SSH VPN.
comment ssh-agent forwarding and sudo to another user
This only works, if user2 above is root! Otherwise, user2 will have SSH_AUTH_SOCK set up correctly, but the user2 won't be able to access e.g. /tmp/ssh-GjglIJ9337/. root does have that access. So this may solve part of the problem, but not the OPs: "and the socket is only readable by my original user"
comment How do I restore (xterm|gnome-terminal) wrapping after telnet to HP equipment has messed it up?
I just tried these, and my terminal is still broken. I note that 'echo "^v^o"' Is never seen in the terminal. I pressed e+c+h+o+<space>+CTRL-V+CTRL-O+<ENTER>, right? That printed echo ^O in my terminal.
comment How to display ANSI Escape codes e.g. from tshark telnet trace?
Thanks, yeah I went that way too, and created "Beginnings of ANSI Escape displayer": pastebin.com/VXUtcj8W, but Server Fault wouldn't let me post more than one link :-(