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comment What HD/SSD performance benchmarks are relevant to SQL Server?
Something doesn't make sense to me: Queue depth is a property of the benchmark, not of the result. That is, drive A can sustain 40K IOPS at Queue depth 1 and 100K IOPS at queue depth 16 vs drive B which sustains 20K/150K at depths 1 and 16. What number should I compare?
comment How do I attach a SQL Server DB with a missing NDF file?
I tried this hack: I restored from the backup and got all 3 files: the MDF, the NDF and log, I replaced the MDF with the new one which I still have but was unable to attach. I got an error saying that there is a different between the primary file which might have resulted from corruption... I don't have the exact wording. I also tried attaching after replacing both the MDF and the LDF files with new versions and got the same error.