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I've been Linux user for over 10 years, and been computing since around age 11. I got my start in programming by learning Perl on my Debian machine in high school. Since then I've learned numerous languages including C, C++, and Python. I've also dabbled in Java and assembly.

I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

I've worked in Japan as a CAD software developer in C++ on Windows. Not my favorite environment, but an interesting project never the less.

I'm currently employed by a Vancouver-based biotech startup working primarily on systems level projects but doing my fair share of software development.

My favorite programming language is Python and I use it nearly every day. My recent interests lie in virtualization, hpc, and large-scale systems management. I'm an active contributor to the Bcfg2 project.

comment How do you keep track of what's connected to your switches?
Seems labels always fall off the cables. We use a Dyno labeler to label all our servers, and have occasionally applied it to power cords and network cables. The labels always seem to fall off after a while, especially if they're in the exhaust of a server. What's the secret?
comment How do you keep track of what's connected to your switches?
Does GLPI automatically discover what devices are connected to the ports on a switch, or is it something you have to update yourself?