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Sorry, I don't do chat. I'm not sure why that was integrated with a Q&A site.
If you have a question for me, post a question to the site like everyone else.

My primary area of expertise is the Win32 API. I work primarily in C++, C#, and VB.NET (although less in .NET these days). I also know VB 6, the MFC framework, and a little about C. I'm addicted to solving problems and happiest when I'm completely engaged in a challenge.

I absolutely despise non-native UI. There is no reason to skin controls just to make them look different. Conformity with your platform and user's selected theme is far more important and will pay many dividends. Please respect the user's choices. Yes, major software firms are guilty of doing this, too. That doesn't mean you should imitate their decision to override the user.

Fair warning: Brevity is not necessarily my strong suit...

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