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comment Cannot enable WOL in Ubuntu using ethtool
I just examined the card again, it says RTL8139B on the chip. Wikipedia's article on this chipset has a table of versions and their respective features, the "B" version does not list "Wake on LAN", while the others do. I guess I'm out of luck. Thanks for your replies, you were right Theo. BUT I also have an "Alfa USB" wireless network adapter with a RTL8187 chipset. I don't like to use wireless for this machine, but maybe as temporary solution. Is it possible to use a USB dongle as a wake-up device? I didn't find anything pertaining to my RTL8139 card btw in dmesg or /var/log/kern.log.
comment New install Ubuntu 10.10 Server, won't boot. “ls /dev/disk/by-uuid” generates Bus Error
Things didn't improve, I'm afraid. I disconnected the second hard drive (IDE slave; they're all IDE by the way).