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comment Is disabling UAC on a Windows 2008 server a bad idea?
Agreed, UAC is there to help you even though you may not want its help. Learn to work with UAC, it is worth the small bit of aggrevation. The Mainframe and *NIX world deal with this daily and you don't see any of them complaining.
comment How do you decide on user machines?
This is what documentation is for. It reminds people what they said even though they claim that they never said. A simple saved email exchange would've made this a non-issue.
comment What is the difference of FreeBSD and Linux?
IMHO it really doesn't matter which you choose. Although there are differences, switching from one *nix variant to another is a minor matter filled more with annoyances than with unsurmountable problems. So, pick one, understand it as completely as you can. There is not a "correct" answer here.
comment Editing sudoers file to restrict a user's commands
Example of the how to set the "SHELLS" above: Cmnd_Alias SHELLS= /bin/sh, /bin/ksh, /bin/bash, /bin/zsh, \ /bin/csh, /bin/tcsh, \ /usr/bin/login, /usr/bin/su
comment Is there any linux shellmenu available?
Just something to look out for. A lot of apps requires a valid shell in order for the "system" or "exec" command to work in spawning off a start/stop request. So, making the perl script the users "shell" may not work like you think.
comment Cisco router password change and now select VOIP phones not working
If you rebooted before and didn't loose the phones, then I missed it with my guess.