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I'm an IT Security professional based in Scotland. I've been in IT Security for over x years now, with the last x-5 focusing on penetration testing/ethical hacking.

Currently a managing consultant with a large provider of security testing services.

Any opinions expressed here are purely my own and not necessarily those of my employer.

comment chaining two asa 5505 to provide an extra layer of security
Theoretically it's possible that chaining 2 identical ASAs could provide improved security if they are configured differently (i.e. a configuration issue with one may not be present in another), however in reality it's most likely that creds would be the same or that the same bug would exist in both so very limited benefit. If you're going to do that I'd highly recommend using two firewalls from different manufacturers and obv make sure the passwords and other creds aren't the same on both of them..
comment Suggestions requested on what to cover in seminar on `Recent Trends in Virus & Anti-virus Stratagies`
if you're looking for more input on this one you could ask on security.stackexchange.com as well, there's likely some people who'd have good suggestions there.