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Full-stack developer, DevOps/cloud service operator, IT strategic advisor, smokejumper

I'm often called in "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!!" situations. I'm especially good at complex integration and automation tasks.

Unix since 7th Edition and Lions' Commentary. Programmed inside the kernel and built multi-threaded middleware, and have long been a consulting expert to both those building and deploying Unix and Linux environments, along with all the associated system design, clustering, high-availability, scale-out distributed computing, middleware, and manageability issues.

Active DevOps service operator and expert. I write and speak on DevOps tools and strategies often. For example, the keynote and "DevOps Demystified" sessions at the TechTarget's recent Modern Infrastructure Summit.

My own development projects tend to be up-stack, using Python, Flask, JavaScript, jQuery, d3.js, HTML, CSS, and LESS most heavily at present. Also frequent: Perl, PHP, WordPress, Java, SQL, MySQL, XML, Open Document Format, and a buncha other stuff. C and bash: Of course.

Look for me on BitBucket and Github. For those seeking a mentor, I'm available!