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comment How to retrieve the last modification date of all files in a git repository
I was hoping that there was an option to get a combined output in a single run of git log, but your answer is better than the one I had in mind using find. I did not know git-ls-tree, which has the advantage of listing only the files stored in the repository, skipping the .git folder and ignored files. Thanks.
comment Should dev be admin on their computer?
@Jim I am rather in favor than against process. As long as process is flexible enough to handle the unexpected. And "with great power comes great responsibility": developers should have the possibility to install whatever they want, which is not a right to install illegal/pirated software.
comment Should dev be admin on their computer?
"(...) and if that toolbox is missing what you need you should have had your requests to get more tools expedited rather than attempt to make me jump thru hoops to get it for you because your deadline is tomorrow (...)" -- Well said! do not complain when the plans for the bypass have been available in the basement of the local planning office for the last nine month!