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Long time Unix Sysadmin. Love to code in Python, especially Django. Writing code in Javascript can be fun as well.

There might be more than one little projects in the future on https://github.com/mawimawi

comment Insert MIME type of an URL into Apache's access_log
The "i" at the end of {HEADER_NAME} is wrong, but I figured out that I need to replace it with an "o". (like "incoming" and "outgoing")
comment Looking for scsitools (specifically scsiinfo) for Fedora / Centos
oh well, never mind. I just copied the executable from a ubuntu machine to my fedora machine and it "just works".
comment Howto boot directly into a VirtualBox image?
I'm doing a lot of programming work on my linux machine, that includes installation of various stuff in /usr, /var etc. usually speed is not an issue (and I can work with Windows programs too), but sometimes I want "full power", that's when I need the native mode. I'll definately try it, and hope for the best :)
comment Limit amount of RAM to a process (Linux)
Thanks Joel for the link, I'll definately read through this article and give Monit a try!
comment Limit amount of RAM to a process (Linux)
Looks interesting, but I am already using nagios (with nrpe etc.) and am quite happy with it. And I can not justify buying a license just for this specific issue I have.
comment Limit amount of RAM to a process (Linux)
Right. But I have no desire to debug a couple thousand lines of code (which I haven't wrote myself, but many different people) for a soon-to-be-replaced service...