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comment proper way of adding new php application to iis7
Hi Scott, thanks for your answer and sorry for my delay in answering. I tried to repeat the steps and found out - if I create the new directory in windows explorer (under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot[new dir]) It appears in IIS manager. There, by doing right-click on the [new dir] and "Convert to Application", In the "Add Application" dialog, If I immediately click on "Test Settings..." I get "Invalid application path". I had to specify a user in "Connect as...". If I specify myself there, then it works ok from then on. I guess adding myself there as a user is not a recommended practice.
comment Subdomains and address bar
Great! Thank you for your answer!
comment Subdomains and address bar
Thank you for explaining this. So I guess .htaccess and rewriterule is not what I would want. But is the virtual host what is needed here? What would need to be done to point to /public_html and to /public_html/subdomain? and (another version) could it be made so that both and both point to /public_html/ ? As for the user account - I am talkig about a hosting providers' server and was just wondering if they would need to make another account for me...