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comment Macvlan based interface pings from host but not from namespace
I don't understand why this question has been flagged as off-topic. It's definitely a sysadmin/netadmin question, relevant to multiple virtualization environments, and it's not a trivial one (or, if it is, 90% of the questions on StackOverflow are off-topic as well). I would love if the people who flagged it as "off-topic" bothered to explain why, rather than copy-pasting a rule that obviously doesn't apply here. Thank you!
comment How do I forcibly unmount when I'm getting stale nfs file handles?
Got into a similar situation, and could reproduce it easily: just remove the rw branch of the AUFS filesystem, and boom, the AUFS mountpoint is completely hosed. umount -f or umount -l won't change a thing. I'm still looking for a solution as well.
comment What are the ramifications of setting tcp_tw_recycle/reuse to 1?
Are you sure that SO_REUSEADDR is linked with tcp_tw_reuse? As far as I know, SO_REUSEADDR only applies when you want to bind(), while tcp_tw_reuse will instruct the kernel to reuse the port of a local socket in TIME_WAIT state if it needs to create a new outgoing connection.
comment 60 second php mail() delay through browser / Apache, but no delay through commandline
If clone were to take 30 seconds, all commands on the machine would be awfully slow (even a simple "ls" would take at least 30 seconds). I believe that the issue has nothing to do with RAM and swap.
comment 60 second php mail() delay through browser / Apache, but no delay through commandline
I'm witnessing exactly the same problem in a PHP setup: sending e-mails takes 90s (strace shows that 2 intermediary processes are forked before we reach sendmail, so that's 30s per clone() syscall). But I'm not running Apache: I'm using nginx + php-fpm. It's in a LXC container running on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server which is an EC2 instance (Xen virtual machine). Other processes on the same machine (and same container) don't have any problem.
comment Software RAID10 for later growth
Note, however, that if the performance of one of the underlying volumes is degraded, the performance of the whole RAID will suffer. So, while the average performance will be greater, you will also see more frequent performance variations.