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Just over twenty years of experience in wrangling software for the glazing and fenestration industry.
Currently the business development and sales manager at Soft Tech Group, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Also a .NET, Delphi and SSIS developer, but with a keen interest in all things code, data, and the myriad of technology in between.

comment Any good providers of hosted VPN?
Ah ok - thanks Khash. I also looked at Vyatta (there are AMIs for it up there) but given the complexity we'll probably just end up with a hardware router in colo.
comment Any good providers of hosted VPN?
Did you get a solution to this? We're faced with a similar situation: EC2 instances (behind VPC) with multiple sites wanting to connect via VPN. As far as I can tell I can only create one tunnel to one 'customer gateway' from the Amazon VPC side, so I'd like to make that tunnel be to a hosted VPN provider. Then all sites could connect to that provider (including roaming users).