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I've worked in SAS research and development since joining SAS in 1989. My current position is Principal API Architect, where I work on our (REST) API strategy, standards, processes, tools, and development. My interests include concurrent programming, the art and practice of making software better, stronger, faster, collaboration, MediaWiki, and on and on, and even rarely blog about same. I hack in GNU Emacs (constantly), MediaWiki (daily), Eclipse (from time to time).

comment Karmic Koala (Ubuntu): enable remote x clients through TCP
I tried this and and the other /etc/gdm/custom.conf tweak, restarted gdm. ps shows X is no longer running with -nolisten tcp ... and yet tcp X connections are still denied even after using xhost + . I'm running Ubuntu 10.10. (Like others, I have a couple use cases where ssh X forwarding is insufficient such using Emacs to open frames on multiple displays). Anything else I can try?
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