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Nuclear engineer, carver of Fortran and Python, somewhat-ex-sysadmin and perl coder, LaTeX wrangler, and invertebrate science geek. Will not program websites ever again. Ever.

comment Installing Oracle 11g for 64bit on Ubuntu 10.04 server 64bit?
Yeah, Oracle still ships some stuff as cpio archives. It takes me 5 minutes to sort out the options to unpack the damn thing; I'm not old enough to remember the pre-tar era...
comment Why is Linux more popular than BSD?
Note that a fair number of server appliances are BSD based (e.g. Coyote Point load balancers)
comment How to deal with a stubborn sysadmin?
There's a concept called 'delegating up' and it's one of the values of having a manager. Some decisions are not in your power to make or implement so it's perfectly appropriate to raise a concern to your manager, make a few suggestions, and leave it to them to decide how to proceed. You've done your part to inform them of an issue and since they make the big bucks (heh), they're paid to make the hard decisions. It may not fall out in your favor for whatever reason, but you've done about all you can do without being a bastard.