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Generalist, currently in a (C#/VB.Net/SQL Server) Systems department of a Charity, producing Fat Clients and Web Apps (and utilities for other devs, and anything else I can find to play with)

comment Should I be able to log into a locked out active directory account by disabling internet connectivity?
I'm surprised that neither answer points out that there are ways to disable this behaviour, if you want to.
comment How can I force users from USA to go the USA server and visitors from UK to go to the UK server
Might be worth just mentioning - if there's different content on the two servers, make sure there's a way for users to override the default and reach the other server, if necessary. At one point, for some bizarre reason, the IP address block my company was using was classified as being in Spain rather than the UK. The companies whose webpages insisted in switching me to the Spanish site rather than the English one with no escape value are the companies I no longer do business with.
comment “The private key for the certificate that was configured could not be accessed.”
@DavidSchwartz - I'd be remarkably surprised if you could create a situation where the wrong private key is attached to the certificate - but I'm willing to give it a go - how would you suggest I perform this check?
comment “The private key for the certificate that was configured could not be accessed.”
@DavidSchwartz - it was initially imported by using the "Request Certificate" wizard in the Certificates MMC add-in. It's subsequently been exported and re-imported as per: step 3 in the User Actions section. I have verified all of the steps given. It has a private key. The store matches. I've exported and re-imported. And I've verified that the service account has permissions on the private key. "What went wrong?" - nothing. I've completed all of the suggestions, and nothing has improved.
comment SQL Server not releasing memory
SQL Server is designed predominantly to live on a server installation by itself - so it's designed to be greedy with memory. max server memory is about the only widget that MS provide to you to reign in this behaviour.
comment what is the difference between 'NT Authority\Service' and 'NT Authority\Network Service'?
Neither of those are related to the current logged in user.
comment my SQL Server 2008 is under attack
Shut down your site - go do that now. Put a static page there saying "down for maintenance" or some such (maybe use app_offline.htm). Because it's obviously not safe as it is.