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comment Linux calculate traffic per user
It's hard to tell where this one should go (Webmasters? Ubuntu?) but it's off-topic here, not having anything to do with programming.
comment Free control panel for my CentOS box
Are you looking for something you program, or something that directly assists you with programming? If not, this is off topic here. Is this a personal box or a computer you administer at work?
comment changing the password complexity requirement in windows 2008
This is not a programming question. It would be better asked at Super User.
comment The Hidden Risks of Cloud Computing?
@Chris: The phone company is a monopoly, because it's hard to run indefinitely many physical connections to houses. There are other ways to get monopolies, such as lock-in and network effects (cf. Microsoft Windows), but they don't apply nearly as much for search. It would take a hefty investment to take market share away from Google, but Google itself was an upstart in Internet search, where there were several dominating companies (like Lycos, Altavista, and Yahoo).
comment Hosting a server-side site?
Try Google for size. They've got most of the Web on their servers, past and present, and oodles of indexes to everything. They've had massive research projects on how to run data centers as cheaply as possibly, including detailed studies on temperature vs. reliability and equipment lifetimes.
comment How to reinstall a LAMP server?
This isn't a programming question. It might better be asked on Super User, or possibly on the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange site at which is currently in open beta.
comment Free SSL Certificate authority I can trust
How can I tell you who you can trust? Do you trust me that much, that you're willing to trust whoever I trust?
comment How realistic/easy is it to host our own web servers?
@DHayes: "modem" nowadays doesn't necessarily imply POTS. Colloquially, it's a general term for whatever you set up to hook up to the Internet. My "DSL modem" (what the phone company advertises it as) is what I call a router, and I suspect this is true of "cable modems". But, yes, a good colo facility will do the data center much better than a typical small business.
comment How remote warfare works when even my satellite TV and remote server has latency?
If you bounce a signal off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit, it is a minimum of about 26,000 miles in each of four hops, giving an absolute minimum latency of a bit over half a second. The closest I get to remote warfare, World of Warcraft, would be difficult to play with that latency, and I suspect real-life warfare is more demanding than an MMORPG.
comment How do you do the offsite hard drive backups?
Anything online is at risk. Any data that's out of your immediate control is at risk. You presumably have an agreement with your provider, but losing your data is still far more dangerous to your business than theirs, and if they have business problems you have backup problems.
comment Is there a free-embedded SSH solution?
I have logged into my home setup with my iPhone. Typing is a pain, so I have short aliases for everything I usually type. By doing that, I avoid all company equipment. Does your job allow you iPhones or the equivalent?
comment Rebuild or repair?
Documents aren't as safe as they used to be, back when I was a young man wrestling saber-toothed tigers to get to the keyboard. There's executable content (VBA, Javascript, whatever) in a lot more places than you'd think at first.
comment The Hidden Risks of Cloud Computing?
@rob: Good for you. In the US, most people are not nearly so lucky.
comment Corrupt tar (Resulting folder smaller than packed file)
There are versions of tar out there that will do compression and decompression, but "cvf" and "xvf" aren't going to trigger that, in any version I know of.
comment accidently ran “chown www-data:www-data / -R” as root
@Bernd: Although I don't do that much admin work, I have noticed that I sudo fewer dumb things than I do as root. I may never use a root password ever again. (And, no, there is no default root password on Ubuntu, and I don't think there is one on MacOSX.)
comment The Hidden Risks of Cloud Computing?
@rmeador: The telephone company is a natural monopoly, and generally a government-granted one in addition, so there's a lot more justification for regulating them. Internet search is not a natural monopoly. I can't pick which phone company serves my house with its land line, but I can always switch to Bing.
comment What Hardware/Software/Security Would I be looking for when trying to start a gaming cafe?
Talk to the owner of the closing cafe. Perhaps you can buy his business outright or much of his equipment at a discount.
comment Sending 10,000 emails?
Also, the signup process means it's almost certain that a good many people on the list didn't sign up themselves, but were signed up by others (with varying intentions). It will be spam to at least a few people.
comment How much traffic per month would my site need?
In the first place, this isn't programming-related. It belongs on ServerFault. In the second place, the answer is 42. If you want something other than the standard answer to question of life, the universe, and everything, you'll have to provide more information. What do you mean by "need" and "required" here? How much data moves for each transaction? What's the size of your intended audience? There are more questions, but that would be at least a start.
comment Sudo svn to update as other user
No; write a short compiled program or script that does what you want (depending on security concerns) and run that setuid.