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Began programming in 1987 after graduating with masters degree in computer science.

comment bash: print stderr in red color
I don't have a *nix box handy, so I can't test it. I wonder if the stdout and stderr outputs from 'command' will still be interleaved properly? I'm not sure if output ordering is even guaranteed. +1 anyway.
comment How do I responsibly dispose of backup tapes?
Plastic emits toxic fumes when burned.
comment How can I deliberately fragment specific files? (NTFS)
I was going to suggest the following, but MyFragmenter may be better. Write a program that opens two files for writing. The first file is the fragmented file you want to keep. The second file contains the space between the fragments. Interleave writes to the files such that you acheive the segment size you desire. Delete the 2nd file. The total size of the two files should be no more than available disk space, yet should nearly fill the disk.
comment Best practices or experience with company wide Username policies and resolving duplicates
TRY to make the GUID the same as the user name. In your scenario, when Jill hires in, she gets the user name jsmith and the GUID jsmith3 (since the others are still in use). Just an idea - there may be implementation issues that could be problematic. For example, should a lookup of of GUID jsmith return 'no such user name'?
comment Where did “Wait 30 seconds before turning it back on” come from?
Tell them 30 seconds so that they will wait at least the required 10 seconds. :-)
comment How do I destroy a hard disk?
Be careful with the magnets. They are very strong and can "bite" you.
comment How do you verify a job candidates resume?
A university has at least some interest in verifiying a graduate. If the candidate falsly claims a degree from a university, that university could get a bad reputation if they don't refute the claim.