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I'm a web developer and small business owner from the UK (London). I have an MSc (Distinction) in Information Systems from The University of Leeds and a first class BSc (Hons) in Physics from The University of Nottingham. Prior to co-founding my company, First Tutors, I was a developer for new media start up, Music Jobs, a software consultant at Leeds Business School and a freelance web developer.

I enjoy most normal things like socialising with friends, tv and film, music etc and also play the guitar, cook, climb and surf when I can!

Hopefully I can help a few people out on here because I know how important it is to receive support when you are learning or stuck and it looks like a great place to learn.



comment File not found error on ec2 ubuntu 10.10 instance official instance
That guide tells you to add those commands to your bash config. Are you using Bash as your default shell?
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