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I've been programming since around 1998 or so, around when I first got into Linux and became obsessed with learning C. In my young and optimistic days I was convinced that as soon as I learned C I would be able to understand the Linux Kernel immediately by reading the code like a book and that then a doorway of awesomeness would open in my bedroom leading me straight into a parallel world where things would be better.

I've learned that you really don't read code anything like a book, but now I've started to read books a little bit like I read code. I should probably read more literature and just enjoy it. LOTR is written beautifully. One day I'll make the time to actually read it again and some of those really long Neal Stephenson novels that he's written since I lost my brand new copy of Cryptonomicon in a cab and decided it was a sign that I should just let it go because that thing was really hard to carry in my bag that was already stuffed to the point of making me worry that my laptop screen was going to crack.

My amp goes to 11, but my neighbors usually complain as soon as I put it up anywhere past 2.

Python is way more fun for my day to day tasks than C would be. Yea, so far Python is my favorite programming language. I do some devOps-y cloud-based stuff for work.

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