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comment SSH server in a FreeNAS jail is not accessible from the local network
Try posting the output of sockstat -4l, arp -a, and the configuration that you use on your local network (eg. your workstation uses the ip while the jail uses It sounds like you might be having two machines configured with the same IP address and while your FreeNAS box can find the jail from its local routing table, your workstation only finds the other one.
comment HAProxy, health checking multiple servers with different host names
You are right, the httpchk requires the Host header in the heroku example, and there isn't any workaround for it. Dropping the check directive would let the proxy work as intended, but you wouldn't be able to detect in advance a failure.
comment Cannot curl a file host through apache2
What do the logs say for the requests that you do using curl?
comment Cannot curl a file host through apache2
the path /var/www/sample.text tells me that instead of your virtualhost, the default site is being used. Try adding the "ServerName my-share" directive to force your virtualhost to be used.
comment fabric how to define complex env.hosts
I added an example for case2 on the original answer. You basically just have to pass all the roles to the -R flag. For case3, I'm afraid that you will need to either pass all the hostnames to the -H flag, or rethink how you want to structure your role definitions.
comment fabric how to define complex env.hosts
I edited the answer and added the full contents of the fabfile. I tested it with Fabric 1.8.1 and Paramiko 1.12.1.
comment FreeBSD how to rebuild all p5-* Perl 5 ports
There is a section in the handbook explaining how to use the portmaster/portupgrade tools with ports: Keep in mind that you shouldn't use both portmaster and portupgrade at the same time (though it is possible with some extra work). Given that you are using pcbsd, you can install mono and fsharp from the package manager without any manual compilation. Running sudo pkg install fsharp should take care of the dependencies for you too. You can get more info about pkgng at
comment Setup Subdomain On Amazon Ec2
Regarding nginx, if you don't change the listen port then no, you can just reload the configuration. service nginx reload will do in most Linux systems. Regarding python and Django, I guess that it will be running behind a different gunicorn/uwsgi process, so you just have to direct the proxy_pass statement to the correct django instance.