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comment Machines in Web Farm Logging Urls differently…
Both servers are working, its just my search of the logs was only counting foo%20bar.pdf documents and not foo+bar.pdf. I was just wondering why the server is logging differently.
comment Is there a ISAPI Filter that can rewrite the Header values before passing to aspnet
Although there does seem to be a bug in there RewriteHeader directive... have raised a support question to find out.
comment Are there DFS Diagnostic Utilities server and client
Same User Different Machine = No problems. Diff user same machine = same problem :-( Safe Mode + Networking = DFS works fine. Just cant work out which device is loaded and would effect DFS interactions....
comment Are there DFS Diagnostic Utilities server and client
The problem is, that from my machine(XP) a DFS share is not behaving correctly. Its slow to open the root, the files below the root usually fail to open and a message about "You might not have permission..." in the same dialog is says "A device attached to the system is not functioning" - no clue as to what device and why. Works fine from another machine though
comment SQL Server: Why is recompiling stored procedures required?
hmmm Just changes my rule of thumb to: Simple SPs set NO COMPILE, complex ones RECOMPILE. And Schedule a sp_recompile as part of maintenance. -The small evaluation time may result in better overall performance from optimization - complex sps take time anyway.
comment Sharepoint Reporting Services on Intranet Farm
I working this problem through - we think it is caused by RS integrated mode not working with NTLM authorization. Box 2 cannot connect to the RS on behalf of the user. Switching to Negotiate and ensuring Kerberos Authorization can take place should solve this.