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I surround myself with all things computers. Even though my field is complex and nerdy by nature, I consider myself a down to earth guy. After working 10 years in Network Administration in both public and private sectors, my wife and I decided to chase our dreams go back to school. I received a bachelor's of science from University of Arizona. I feel that my experience and knowledge of computer systems coupled with my passion for software development gives me a holistic approach to the design and performance of the projects I work on.

comment Does CoreOS have a cluster aware job scheduler?
At this point I'm more interested in the HA and Elastic properties of both projects. Just info gatherng at this point. I know that Mesos was built with a focus on resource sharing and can share the nodes with additional meta-frameworks like (Hadoop, Storm, etc). Where as CoreOS seems to be more focused on supporting the operations team. BTW I noticed the CoreOS-fleet docs mentioned they are also working on resource-offers(interesting). Anyway while comparing Mesos+Marathon+Chronos+Marathon-docker and CoreOS the biggest thing that seems to be missing was a HA JobScheduler like Chronos.
asked Does CoreOS have a cluster aware job scheduler?
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