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I am student in Turkey which getting ready (second time) for university exam. My native language is Turkish which prevents me writing powerful answers in English.

When i see a question that i can answer, i am starting to writing answer with details which takes at least my two minutes. But other users writing that in 10 seconds, in this situation i started to give a working answer, then convert my post to detailed one.

I really love computer. My mother says that i started using it when i 2 years old, and i remember i compiled linux kernel when i 11 years old.

I love native softwares. I hate .NET and JAVA which runs by heavy runtime.

x86 Assembly, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, JS, CSS and HTML is my primary languages that i know very but very well. I also use actionscript3, lua, node.js and much more i don't remember right now.

(when deploying a website i only use simple text editors, without using designer)

I love Linux, running it on my secondary HDD, currently using it, i am a Linux pro, but can't write GUI softwares on it, and i think i don't need it. Compiling nginx, php and kernels and altering sources then build is what i did on Linux.

But i know winapi, i love programming in windows, can write GUI without libraries, and i love the completion ports on windows, async networks and driver contact is much easy from Linux, and you don't have to compile drivers for every computer, compiling kernel level drivers that runs on ring0, hooking functions is what i did on windows.