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A ghost in the machine.

comment SSL, Nginx, X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch error
Note, the order matters here: you have to create the PEM using the domain's crt first, followed by the intermediate CA PEM.
comment FreeBSD: How to know real file size on zfs with compression on?
There is NO reason to use a port for this. Use the base OS du with its -A flag.
comment PostgreSQL hangs during shut down in linux?
Quite so. The above will at least give the questioner the ability to dig in at some point in the future.
comment Network latency: 100Mbit vs. 1Gbit
I used to resell switch gear. Suffice it to say, your findings suggest to me that you're plugged in to a Cisco switch. There are other alternatives that provide lower latencies. As you rightly pointed out, more bandwidth doesn't translate in to lower latencies (Comcast is the primary culprit for making people dumb in this regard). Given you're in a hosted environment, you're probably stuck with their hardware (and since in a hosted environment, the extra few microsec aren't terribly crucial). Show me millions of pps at steady-state and I'll get interested in providing more details. :)