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Huahsin68 is my Internet nickname. My ambitious is to become an Interior Designer since my secondary school, due to the influence from my friends and family advices, I have changed my direction to computing. From there on I have accidentally built my career in IT. I'm now very enjoy my life in software development and have great enthusiasm in programming. Programming is fun, interesting, mysterious, exciting and challenging to me, especially in game programming. It's not just a programming but also concern about optimization, algorithms, and mathematics.

comment Where should put RewriteCond and RewriteRule?
@lain Thank you so much on your guidance, I have overlook the doc.
comment How to resolve a file cannot be larger than the value set by ulimit in SVN?
Thank you so much on the hints, when I issue the command ulimit -a, I see that file(blocks) is 2097151. Given default block size is 512, 2097151 * 512 is equivalent to 1073741312, which is exactly the same size as shown in the file.
comment How to optimize SVN backup process in bash script?
I like this answer because the code looks clean.
comment Unfinished transaction remaining in Fedora 17 software update
This works great. Some add-on, after this command, I still need to issue yum-complete-transaction command to resume my updates.
comment How to stop growing the Apache access_log file?
I can't stop the server as I am still using it. How could I write an auto clean script on the file so that I could maintain the file size?
comment How to convert existing SVN path to lowercase?
I assume that svn mv command is applied to all platform. I am worry what if the path has been change and SVN not able to trace back the path as it has been change to lowercase.
comment How to trace SVN log for a particular file?
yes. But is the implementation is different between OS?