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comment very specific iostat output needed in realtime
glad to hear you're enjoying it. have you discovered colmux yet? basically it talks to multiple collectl's across a cluster and provides output like top, but unlike top which only shows top processes, with colmux you can show top-anything! for example, with colmux I was able to find a few dozen misconfigured servers which were using 10GB+ of system buffers out of several thousands in just a few minutes.
comment How to tell is apache is configured to use perl?
excellent, so mod_perl IS installed, which is what I would have expected. In fact I just copied my script to the cgi-bin directory and it does execute, so now for the more exotic because that's now what I want.
comment Ganglia network stats incorrect
hmm, I guess the obvious next question is what is your definition of wonky? from my experience virtual ALL tools get their data from the same place which in the case of disks is /proc/diskstats. When I was developing collectl I always verified its data with tools like iostat for disk data. I'd run collectl and (or iostat if you must ;)) and compare their output. If there really is a difference, file a bug with the ganglia team, provided of course you understand why there is a difference.