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I am an enterprise developer who works mainly with the .Net framework (primarily C#, but also VB.Net and PowerShell).

I am currently working on developing a white brand SharePoint intranet solution for small to medium sized organisations in the UK.

You can check out my blog on programming and technology at www.andyparkhill.co.uk.

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comment Save a Site Collection As A Site Template (.stp) File
joeqwerty, this saves just the current site, and not the site collection.
comment Install SMTP Service on Windows 2003 SP2 without Installation CD?
Old Nick, (not the Old Nick I sold my soul to when I started to work for a corporation?), Thanks, looks like a winner. Accepted as the answer!
comment Windows disk imaging for backup with auto scheduling
I have used DriveImage XML on Windows Vista (32 bit) and found it very reliable.
comment Software Installation And Configuration Management Frameworks for Windows
mh, Obviously, something open source would be best (see the options that I list in my answer)/ I will look into the options you suggested in your answer. Thanks. +1
comment Determine Who Dropped a Database?
@Evan, This is NOT an ass-kicking exercise! In my enlightened company, we will offer the offending user an intense period of 're-education'. If that doesn't work, it time for the baseball bats...