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Personally, I am a husband, step-father, grandfather, Christ-worshiper, singer, worship leader, computer programmer, reader, game player, kite flyer, generally all around fun guy (or that fungi?). Professionally, I'm a developer for a major software company. I've been developing commercial software for the last 15 years. These days I'm primarily writing enterprise-scale client software using .NET and loving it!

comment Dropped network connections to hyper-v server and guests on local network
I do have a better wireless router (one which I installed dd-wrt) so in theory I could turn off all the "router" stuff (DHCP, firewall, wireless, etc) and use it as a modem and hook up my older netgear with dd-wrt to do all the security and wireless stuff. I've already had issues with setting up WHS 2011 because the 2Wire doesn't support UPNP and so auto router configuration has been an issue. But before I do this kind of open-heart surgery on my network, I'd like to know what the problem is. I'll try your suggestions... good logical troubleshooting steps to isolate the point of failure.
comment Dive into 64 bit or hold off (do you have a crystal ball)
If you do have any 32-bit compatibility issues, you can always run a 32-bit VM with Virtual PC or VMWare and virtualize the app UI (VMWare Unity mode for example).
comment how to find out what is on line 149351 of a 1GB sql dump
I second this idea. There are several very capable text editors which can open multi GB files quickly. TextPad is one. Personally I use the now defunct CodeWright. Same difference.
comment How to remote a single application, rather than the entire desktop
Thanks for the info. I will play with this today and see if it meets my needs :)
comment How do I set up a web server out of my home?
Why recommend against a wireless LAN connection between the router and the IIS server? Bandwidth shouldn't be an issue since any wireless LANs bandwidth (a/b/g/n) is going to dwarf that of the internet pipe. Other than security issues that are endemic to all wireless networks, why specifically should you not do it for an IIS server?