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comment LVM: Duplicate VG name VolGroup00
Only the existing volume group can be renamed if a second conflicts though.
comment How to delete cached temporarily credentials for a network share on a Windows machine without rebooting or logging off
Note that smbstatus on a Linux box will let you see which PIDs go with which users, and you can kill those specifically to disconnect them.
comment Linux MD RAID resilience in situations with unpredictable power
Change all your mount points to sync, disable write caching, and buy a UPS.
comment Accurate, Unspoofable Time Source
I see this is very old but I feel its worth mentioning that you can use keyed connections to trusted time sources manually. Just ring up the admin of a trusted time source and ask to use their service with ntp keys.
comment What exactly is the MTU/MRU issue, what it is caused by and how to fix it?
old post but if you have tracepath, its a much nicer way to diagnose where the problem is. eg tracepath -n google.com
comment Networked removable storage
You should always be in control of your data. Moving data offsite yourself is the only way to know its safe. Depending on an online backup solution means adding several more points of failure. I can't recommend online backups as a primary backup solution to any customer.
comment automatically block IP address after many failed login attempts
@ChrisMcKeown I don't follow what you're implying by 'source' in your comment. Do you mean the service that's open on the server or something else? I see the question as quite valid and on Unix machines I block repeated offenders as well all the time.
comment Suggest a lightning fast, feature-light, secure Linux web server to serve static content
We use publicfile in several places, including for simple tasks like internal WPAD configuration file distribution. Very fast, very simple, always works.
comment command line LVM issue on CentOS 5
Please include the lvcreate, mkfs and mount commands you've used.
comment When are iptables bytes counters cleared?
Also if the entry is changed in any way, iptables -R INPUT 5 -j LOG ... line 5's counters will be reset so as to properly reflect that it is a counter of what matches the function of the line.
comment What can cause the root user in CentOS 6.0 to prevent doing any change in the kernel parameters?
Its worth noting that aside from grsec/selinux, root has permission to do anything it wants already; sudoers has no effect.
comment Linux IPSec Tunnels does not forward IP Packet with ECN bit set to CE (Congestion Experienced)
Try openswan then ;-) openswan.org
comment Why does DNS work the way it does?
dnstrace (usually through dnstracesort) gives intense amounts of detail about the DNS configuration for any domain and query you make. If the server has made a change, they will show the change and how it has propagated. They're excellent for tracing propagation errors as well.