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comment Visiting website from command-line shows Plesk default page
Nathan on other server I haven't got only one domain, I also have multiple domains, I personally think it is a issue that has to do with how the server is configured, maybe apache or something because connecting from outside it locates the correct website but connecting from localhost it locates the default plesk page. Could it be the "NameVirtualHost *:80" line on apache extra vhost conf? that's what I have on my computer with XAMPP, but on the server I've found this:
comment Visiting website from command-line shows Plesk default page
Hmm, but this is quite strange, I mean, I have other servers where I can run "lynx <name of website on the same server>" and it does open. What I basically needed is to be able to do a file_get_contents on a absolute url from a website on the same server, and gives me a 404 because of showing the Plesk default page instead of the real page.
comment curl: (35) SSL connect error
Hey liquidat you might be right about Twitter bocking it since I've tried other website and the connection worked.
comment Can I clean these two hacked servers withour reinstalling?
Thanks for the reply, I am the only owner of the server, and the shell access it is used for updating that website with svn and to configure some tasks as cron jobs.
comment Production server has 16GB of RAM and a 32 bit OS. Replace with 64 bit OS?
I am serving a Real Estate website that you can see here , so the server is doing all sorts of things. Database, serving website, image resizing, cron jobs, sending mails and so on. I have finally decided to take advantage of this situation and change the hosting to a dedicated server in the same country the business is. That server will have the 64bit OS installed already.
comment BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7 stuck for 10s! [php:756]
Well the hosting company says it is dedicated, their product page is here: and here you can see the server load just when it happend: